GOD Finland 2017 Call For Papers

Low Sensitive Designs for High Selective Solar Control Coatings

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Marcus Frank


High performance solar control coatings require a low solar heat gain coefficient at the highest possible visible transmission. These products can be considered as relatively narrow band-pass filters centered in the visible part of the spectrum. The narrower the transmitted wavelength spectrum -or in other words the higher the selectivity- the more sensitive is the coating in general. Highly sensitive coatings exhibit visible color changes due to extremely small layer thickness variations caused by typical deposition process fluctuations.During the last years coater hardware and deposition processes were improved significantly in order to minimize these fluctuations, pushing layer thickness variations below +/-1% and even lower. Further improvement is still needed and possible but results into application of high cost control systems and into an increasing complexity of coater operation.As an alternative to hardware and process improvements also coating designs can be refined in a way that high selective solar control products are less sensitive. This contribution presents basic spectral features which are desirable for low sensitive solar control coatings. Specific design examples will be given and discussed in detail regarding the balance of thermal product performance, product color and sensitivity.

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