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Site Help – Your Silver Bullet

Quick Guide to Glassfiles.com Portal

To help us provide a better experience, please do not hesitate to give feedback to us. You can use the contact form by clicking the Feedback icon that is always visible on the left side of the page.

You can visit the site at http://www.glassfiles.com and log in with your username and password by accessing the drop down menu on the right side of the navigation bar (see picture). Click the Log inbutton to log in to the site.

Accessing your public profile

After logging in, the menu will show your profile picture and name on the right side of the navigation menu. If you place your mouse cursor over your name, you will see a dropdown menu with some more options.

Clicking on your name takes you to your public profile (below). Your title, name, picture, company and such details are displayed on this page. If you have provided a LinkedIn public URL, a small LinkedIn badge will also be shown.

My Glassfiles

My Glassfiles is your control panel to Glassfiles. Clicking on the dropdown menu link will take you to a page similar to the one shown below.

On this page you can manage content you have created (eg. Articles or blog posts), see if they have new comments or access statistics about how many has viewed your content. If you have not created any content, this page may appear scarcer than what is shown above. The main area of the page shows recent developments on your content, interesting content and your previously viewed articles and items. On the right side, you will see menus to manage your account, manage your content and to add new content. Every user can add blog posts. If you wan't to add different types of content, e.g. article or video, you can request permissions for that content type. Chairmen can also see some tools and statistics for the library section of where they are chairman.

Editing your profile

To edit your profile, click the Edit my profile link in My Glassfiles. You will see a form with your details on it. When you login to the site for the first time, please check your information to see if it is correct and add a picture of yourself as a profile picture (if one does not already exist).


Navigating the site

You can navigate the site by selecting options from the main menu. If you move your mouse over the Glassfiles menu item in the navigation, you will see a list of eight general topics in a dropdown menu. These are the main library sections and clicking on one of them will take you to that section’s front page.

Below is a picture of the Architectual Design section front page.
On the section front page are the highlighted content for that section (if any), filtering options for browsing articles, recent and popular articles, as well as information about the section chairmen. You can browse articles with the selections in the left sidebar. You can select classification and/or apply filters to find the articles you are interested in. If you have specific article name or word in mind, you can also use the site search on the top of right sidebar. Clicking on any content (eg. an article) will take you to that content’s details page. Below is one example of an article that shows the related PDF in a viewer inside the page. The author of the content is shown on the right side, along with links to other articles from the same author. Below the article PDF are the article’s details and a form with which users can comment on articles.

With the site's search function, you can search for articles or authors with specific keywords. You may also filter the content based on its type, classification or source. To search for content that includes a word or a list of words, input your search string in the Text search field. Click Search to start your search.

Classification can be used to narrow the search results to a specific area of glass use. If used, only articles classified with these terms will be shown. The filter list shows the number of articles or types of content revealed by that filter for the current search. Filters which contain no articles, are disabled. The counts are updated for each search and everytime a filter is enabled or disabled.
To limit the search more, further filters are provided below the classification field. You can also filter and limit the search results to include only some content types. By default, all content types are searched. By defining the article source, you can limit results to include only those that have been presented in a specific conference or that contain specific keyword.  
The active filters are shown above the content area. You can disable active filters by clicking on them.
You can control the amount of results or how they are sorted with the form above the content area. You can define how many search result items are shown per page.