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Tampere Region Glass Cluster – Networking and internationalization

The Tampere region glass cluster unites the regional professionals, their companies and institutions into a significant international competence network. Recognizing and using existing and new partnerships is a major competitive factor in today´s industrial sourcing chains. New emerging technologies underline the need for a continuous and organized mode of cooperation. In this way the Tampere regional glass cluster serves the aims of the Eurocode cooperation for developing the glass industry.

The Tampere glass cluster networking already involves a dozen regional companies and the leading research institutions and universities of the area. A list of current members is linked to this document. The increased international exposure of the networking partners brings substantial benefits to companies as well as learning institutions that are able to attract and develop international connections that may be too demanding for a single party to uphold. This is particularly important in securing international interest among top professionals of the business both for the purpose of competitiveness and employment. As such the Tampere glass cluster project strongly supports the regional objectives of the European Union structural funds.

The cluster has started up by promoting the architectural image of Tampere by staging international architectural competitions for local application and visibility, by opening an extensive interactive data base for general use, by jointly communicating the competencies of the glass cluster members to a wider audience and the transfer of glass industry know-how to local learning institutions.

The expanding data base implementation, Glassfiles.com, has attracted an information content of some 8,000 pages and a user network that exceeds 30,000 contacts.