GOD Finland 2017 Call For Papers

New to the facade construction Double-glazed units with higher stiffness

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1. Double-glazed units with higher stiffness (We save 70% of aluminum constructions)

Solutions which are based on the our system provide:

1, Maximum transparency 6000x3000
2, Energy saving
3, Lightweight construction
4, The improvement of facade systems energy efficiency by 25-35 %%
5, The decrease of using aluminum constructions by 70%-100%
6, More glaze fragments
7, The improvement of the visual perception and increase of the using area by absence of the suspension profile (width 200-250mm)
8, The opportunity to realize the most difficult non-standard architectural solutions
9, Decreasing costs of facade constructions, as well as the possibility of mounting on the outside of the facade and the inside.
The company has a full cycle of the creation of objects of any complexity, having in the management of the highly skilled engineers, designers, project managers and installation teams with great experience.
And it's just look amazing!


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